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About Inuk Design

The design is about our culture. The man and the woman. The hunter family.

The design also tell us, who we are.

I have made a collection called The5Elements and it represents the north, west, south and east of greenland and the 5th element is us: inuk. inuk means human being in Greenlandic. We are very proud of our national costumes here in Greenland and this is my graphic expression of our different national costumes. This is typical west greenlandic national costume and this is very typical east greenlandic. The stories of my design is from my memories of my childhood in north greenland, where I was born. Or memories from our many travels in Greenland by boat, with my husbond and son inuk.

We also want to tell the modern greenland through the design. Things with a story and things you can use in your every day life.

We also want to tell the greenlanders to remember who we are and where we come from, because we are a minority.

And this brings us to the next idea which is one of my more crazy ideas and I did not dare to tell anyone about it and kept it for my self for a long time. And one day I told my husbond about it, and he thought it was a great idea.
My dream is to build a 20 floor building - a building that represent us INUIT, who we are and a memory of our past - our present and future.


This is us: inuit people. This is me, my family, my homeland.

And this is …. inuk Design.