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You can find answers to most of your questions on this page.

Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts.




Tel: 00299 559411


Shop: Aqqusinersuaq 4, 3900 Nuuk.

Weekdays: 10:00 to 17:30

Saturdays: 10:00 to 14:00

Sunday: Closed


It is the buyer's responsibility to look at the goods before purchase, for obvious damage, stains or other defect in the goods by physical buying in the store.


We reserve the right to modify our product prices at any time without further notice!


When buying in the physical store, there are seven days barter and return policy with presentation of a receipt. We never return with cash - payout given voucher and it is up to the customer to maintain the voucher in such a way that it is clear and smooth on presentation. Torn, slurred vocher as our scanner can not scan in, will not be accepted.


Products on sale are not returnable.


We do not return ore exchange gift for company or gifts to employees.


Used items is returned not.


‘I made a wrong choice’ can be changed in the physical store inside the same day by showing receipt.


We sell as long as the stock is full.


We do NOT return goods without presentation of the receipt - even if it's a gift.


Return of gift items is not changed without presentation of exchange receipt. We never is returning with cash, we payout with voucher and it is up to the customer to maintain the voucher in such a way that it is clear and smooth on presentation. Torn, slurred voucher our scanner can not scan in, will not be accepted.


There may be misprints, inventory errors and price changes.


Which credit cards can I use?

• Dankort

• Dankort / VISA

• Visa

• MasterCard

• Diners Club

• VISA Electron

• Maestro


· Akiliut used unfortunately NOT to make payments on the web shop. Write to kontakt@inukdesign.com and make your order, we'll send you an account which you can transfer money to. Unfortunately it is not us who shop determines whether Akiliut non-payment cards by purchases. Complaints can be sent to the Nets in Denmark.


• Is it safe to order online?

Once you have collected the items you want and are willing to pay, you will be automatically redirected to a so-called secure server with QuickPay. From here, all communications between you and the server is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This encryption ensures that no one can eavesdrop or intercept the information you enter. The transmission is approved by NETS, and ensures the greatest possible safety of the transaction. When you are in a safe zone, appears in your browser window a little 'Secure server' icon. In Internet Explorer and Firefox this icon of a closed padlock.

At inukdesign.com we ask that you never talk about your signature or PIN. Whether you shop on the Internet or in a traditional store it applies that it is ONLY your signature or PIN, which in legal terms, be regarded as binding. If someone is abusing your card number and card expiration date, the particular store obliged to cancel the transaction. It can your bank do for you. This means that you do not run any risk by shopping at inukdesign.com


• When will I be?

The amount raised first on your card when goods are shipped from inukdesign.com. There can never be deducted an amount greater than what you have approved the acquisition.



Delivery - Freight and prices:

• Orders are shipped 2-4 days after ordering. Post Greenland is being used as a transit. There are no FedEx in Greenland, but if it is urgent we can refer to DHL, the price is somewhat higher than normal freight. Write to kontakt@inukdesign.com if it is a matter of urgency.


• Damaged package.

We disclaim any responsibility for damaged packages, as post.gl not have special rules for FRAGILE package wrapping. The shipment is sent at your own risk.


The package / letter sent as plain freight goods. If you want Track & Trace on the package, it costs DDK 60, - pr. package. Tele post in Greenland has not included Track & Trace on the plain packages - with charge Tele Post Greenland send packets / sachets with Track & Trace. It is not the store inukDesigns rules, but Telecom Post rules.

It is out of our responsibility when the package provided by Tele Post in Greenland and Denmark. When the package lands in Denmark, it is out of our responsibility as Post Denmark takes over the procedure for parcel shipping, delivery mm.



• Can I change the order?

You can do up to 1 hour after you have taken the order. After an hour, the acquisition is at your own risk.


• Address: it is your responsibility to write the correct address and name.

• Shop products packages are not including gift wrapping.


If you regret your purchase (withdrawal)

· When cargo to and from Greenland and in Greenland are beyond our responsibility regarding. delivery time, we do not use for canceling the purchase. By Internet shop purchase is your responsibility, as soon as you ordered the goods. We do not accept returns. It is out of our responsibility when the package provided by Tele Post in Greenland and Denmark.



• If there is something wrong with the item (complaint).

How soon should I advertise?

On the same day you receive the package. The product must not be packed in the plastic bag, if it is in a bag. If it was in a bag, the bag not disposed. Contact kontakt@inukdesign.com immediately with film or photo, and then we decide whether it is cargo that has been the cause of any damage or whether there are gaps in the products. Please indicate what the problem is as detailed as possible. You must attach a copy of your original receipt of purchase.

If there are weaving entry errors in eg fabric / tablecloth or other: you need to be aware that everything is not always completely perfect. If there is a slight thickening of the substance, we consider it as an error. Nothing is flawless in this world. If the fault is clearly visible and can clearly see the error is returning, we of course with the new.


• Note! We do not receive packages sent by fax. COD or the like.

• Remember that the product must always be returned in protective packaging, and remember to get a receipt for shipment, so that we can reimburse your shipping costs.


• There is something missing in my order / it is the wrong product I received.

Unfortunately, errors may occur. If you have received your order and are missing an item, please contact us quoting your order number. We will then investigate the matter.


When purchasing fabric:

When buying the fabric, we only sell per. meters in the webshop. We sell not per. cm. 

We encourage the buyer to measure in the purchase of fabric.


Please note that all purchases is the customer's responsibility. A family member may NOT exchange a purchase without presentation of the receipt.


If you have additional questions, please contact kontakt@inukdesign.com and we will do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible.

If we do not respond within a reasonable time, send us the question again. Some periods are very busy and it may take time with us when answering all questions.


Thank you!



inuk Design ApS